SoCAT research group won the "Participation Grant" in the "Computational Neuroscience of Prediction" congress.

SoCAT research group won the "Participation Grant" in the "Computational Neuroscience of Prediction" congress. Our group presented a research report “The Effects of Emotion on Probabilistic Reward Learning in Major Depressive Disorder”.

SoCAT Lab received the “Research Paper Award” at the 22nd TPD Congress

SoCAT has joined 22th Annual Meeting and Clinical Education Symposium in 11-14 April 2018 at Belek / Antalya with oral presentations and posters notifications. SoCAT Lab received the first prize at “Research Paper Award” at the 22nd TPD Congress.

Our research won the FENS / IBRO participation grant

SoCAT Lab won the FENS / IBRO participation grant with “Altered Frontal Networks in The Adolescent Brain with a History of Sexual Abuse” research report. FENS / IBRO is the biggest neuroscience congress in Europe.

SoCAT has joined 11th National Alcohol and Substance Addiction Congress

SoCAT took part in the 11th National Alcohol and Substance Addiction Congress held in Antalya. Alcohol, substance addiction and behavioral addictions have become a current social problem that should be of concern to all mental health workers who are co-morbid with all other psychiatric diagnoses. SoCAT team participated in the congress with poster presentations and oral presentations in the congress where the problem of alcohol and substance use which requires a multidisciplinary approach.

New year, new research projects

SoCAT team start the new year with important researches on different subjects. The first of these researches is the “comparison of hippocampus volumes of healthy controls with early onset recurrent major depressive disorder patients with high genetic risk” with a codename of SoCAT DEP-2018. Every year thousands of people suffer from depression and SoCAT DEP-2018 study aims to make advances in this field, especially in the field of treatment.

The SoCAT Lab showed that aggression in schizophrenia patients is associated with emotion blindness and bad childhood.

Schizophrenia is a psychiatric disorder that starts at an early age and causes important problems in understanding and realizing the reality of the external world. It is known that schizophrenia patients have problems in two important areas. The first problem relates to recognition and processing of emotions; the second is the structural problems in the thought process. The fact that individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia are not able to recognize emotions and use them properly, this situation disrupts their communication with other individuals. Interpersonal disruption may lead to aggressive attitudes even in normal individuals. The main question of the study published in the International Journal of Psychiatry Research was the whether or not the nervousness increases due to inability to read what they feel correctly in schizophrenia. The schizophrenic patients included in the study were asked to recognize or match the emotion of facial expressions seen on the computer screen. it was found that the patients’ nervousness was increased due to misconception of emotions like neutral, sadness and anger as fear.